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Goal: You want to connect the black circle to the pulsing circle.

Use a keyboard and hit the RIGHT button, or if your keyboard doesn't have it, use the "d" button.

You can use a mouse or your finger to tap on the virtual keys below the puzzle as well.

Do you solve puzzles like a robot?

You're about to take a test on LabintheWild. Your participation allows us to learn more about how people around the world solve puzzles. The results from your test will also tell you something about yourself!

Please read the following information carefully before proceeding.

Why we are doing this research? We are trying to understand how solving puzzles in different orders affects a person's ability to solve new puzzles.

What you will have to do? We will ask you to solve puzzles. More instructions about this task will follow.

What you will get out of it? We will give you feedback on how your results compare to those of other participants and of a computer. The final results from this experiment will be posted on our webpage and presented at conferences. Please email Professor Carrie Demmans Epp ( if you would like us to send you a copy of the results when they are ready.

The experiment is not designed to benefit you and has no known risks, but you may enjoy it and enjoy comparing your results with those of other participants.

Privacy and Data Collection? We will not ask you for your name. Any data that we collect will be securely stored on our servers. We will delete your data if you do not complete the study or you tell us not to use it, but we cannot remove your data once you have received your results.

Everyone is welcome to try to solve our puzzles, but we will only use the data of those who are at least 18 years old in our research.

Duration? You will solve puzzles for about 15 minutes.

Contact information? Please contact Professor Carrie Demmans Epp or Michael Bowling of the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta (Canada), by email at or if you would like to know more. Both Carrie and Michael would be happy to answer questions about this study and what we are doing.

The plan for this study has been reviewed by a Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta ( Pro00082392). If you have questions about your rights or how research should be conducted, you can call (780) 492-2615. For international calls include the Canada Calling Code: +1‐780‐492‐2615.

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Nice job!

Let’s get started!

Try to solve each puzzle as quickly as you can.

We aren't going to tell you how to solve them because we want to see how quickly you can figure this out. If you get stuck, you can skip a puzzle. We'll give you another chance to try each puzzle at the end.


  • It’s okay to take breaks between puzzles.
  • It’s okay to skip puzzles. We will give you another chance to do them after we’ve given you your results.

Nice work so far!

Feel free to take a break and rest your eyes before finishing the next two rounds.

You're doing great! Take a breather.

Thank you for your participation!

Let's see how you did!

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Why are we doing this?

We don’t know the best puzzle order to give to people to help them learn how to solve puzzles and other types of problems. Figuring this out will help us to know how to support people’s learning so that learning materials can be better designed.

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